Strike Money feat. Mz’Yella, 32 Curly & LiKing400 – Pop My Shit

8 Mile Movie Actor Returns to the Industry. Strike Money famously known as Lyckety Splyt.

Part of the early 2000s Detroit rap group The Mountain Climbaz. He went on to appear in other movies, playing himself in 2013’s “Five Thirteen” and Malcom X in 2015’s “American Sharia.”

But his star turn-in, “8 Mile” almost never happened, according to media reports, He told hip-hop magazine XXL that when he went to audition, “I was on the run from the feds at that time.”

After years of directing, guiding and becoming a major Executive Mogul, Strike Money decided to return to the industry with his new release Pop My Shit featuring independent artists Mz’Yella, 32 Curly & LiKing 400.

Strike Money has made his way back to the scene popping his sh*t with newest release, “Pop My Shit.” The 2022 release is featuring independent artists Mz’Yella, 32Curly & LiKing400. Strike Money has built his career as an actor, director, CEO of many corporate industries but he hasn’t lost sight of his passion for music. Continue to support Strike Money and his future endeavors.

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