OBI93 – Never Heard A Tree Grow

Never Heard A Tree Grow – The 2nd EP from the Washington DC native plants seeds of confessionalism and introspectiveness as he explores the past and present for testimonies of growth.

From the social satire of “Stay Safe, Don’t Be Stoopid”, the raw grimace of distrust in “Ratios” to the pop-ish commentary on love and relationship skills in “Thirsty Boy 2003”, this alternative hip-hop sounding EP finds OBI93 at his most intentional thus far.

Defined by 93’s coming of age in his 20s, Obi lyrically presents his notions verbosely and atmospherically as the production calls for.
He teams up with a fellow DC native(Lani Flaze) and Final Fantasy opera performer (Amanda Achen) to give a spacious, jazz-electronic influenced intro.

He personally considers “Never Heard a Tree Grow”, the work that most accurately prequels a concept debut album in the works called “When We’ve All Grown Up.” A solid stepping stone, 93 aims to continue to deliver.

Stream the EP above.

About OBI93:
Born and raised in Uptown, Washington DC, freestyles and neighborhood cyphers set the foundation for a love of poetry and manipulation of language. Since moving to LA, during the COVID pandemic, Obi has honed in on the art of songwriting. A first-generation American, born of two Nigerian immigrants, OBI93 takes his coming of age to create riveting and introspective hip-hop as the occasion calls for.

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