Natalac – Love & Pimp-Hop

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On June 20th, Sheldon Davis, aka rapper Natalac, released his 12th album, Love & Pimp-Hop. This album was scheduled for a 2021 Valentine’s Day release after Natalac‘s mom’s cancer condition improved. It was a year-long battle with cancer, but her condition finally improved in February. Natalac and his dad thought they could take a rest, but almost immediately after she improved, his father was diagnosed with stage four cancer on Valentine’s Day weekend, so Natalac refused to release it. Natalac and his dad went from taking care of his mom to his mom and Natalac taking care of his dad… talk about a whirlwind.

Natalac releases projects two or three years apart, so this time Natalac chose to release on his dad’s birthday, which is Father’s Day, June 20th. Natalac says, “Most of the features on ‘Love & Pimp-Hop’ have all been supportive of my situation, but Benzino and Mikhail Muhammad really took it to another level with their calls and prayers. I wouldn’t want any artist to get too involved in my stress, cause it might destroy their creative process. But the calls and prayers helped a lot. Truthfully, the idea for ‘Love & Pimp-Hop’ came from my time touring with Benzino, one of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s most iconic cast members.”

Father’s Day and Natalac‘s dad’s birthday is on the same day, so it’s a very special release for Natalac. Most men don’t get much acknowledgement on Father’s Day. It’s terrible compared to Mother’s Day, but this year, rapper Natalac, who gave you the Step Daddy anthem “Step Daddy Superman Pappy” is giving you Love & Pimp-Hop featuring JT Money, La Chat, Benzino, Hybrid803, Sligh Talkbox, Mr. Mince, Drumlordz Shawty, Haze karolina, Nuke Fie, Professor Hoe Tester, Stormy Stori, Rivaside KP, Mikhail Muhammad, Nicole Marie, Kokane, Suga Free, Mr Smith aka Boss Money, and Kollard Green for Father’s Day. Enjoy!

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