Mac & A.K. feat. King Cydal & Mr Fetti – Don’t Play With Me

After huge success with “Gasoline”, E&K Music Group is back again with another new single, “Don’t Play With Me”. Featuring stars like King Cydal and Money $ Mont AKA Mr Fetti, the latest single is also creating big buzz in just a few days of the release. Launched in May, the song has already garnered nearly 70,000 views and around 1,000 Likes on YouTube.

Both “Gasoline” and “Don’t Play With Me” are parts of E&K Music Group’s upcoming album, namely, “Only The Strong Survive”. The upcoming album will feature many notable artists like Planet Asia, King Cydal, JT The Bigga Figga, M-Dash, Da Hoodstarz, and many more.

“Don’t Play With Me” is now available on all major music streaming platforms online.

“We are excited to share with you all that E&K Music Group has recently released the latest single that has already turned out to be a rising hit. We have got esteemed hip hop stars like King Cydal and Money $ Mont AKA Mr Fetti in the music video and that has accentuated our new single to new heights. We are grateful to all of you who have showered our latest single with so much of love and kind words. Please keep on loving us – your support means the world to us”, stated Keith “A.K.” Gordon, the co-founder of E&K Music Group.

E&K Music Group is a joint endeavor by twin brothers and music artist duo Eric “Mac Pacino” Gordon and Keith “A.K.” Gordon. The Gordons hail from East Palo Alto, California, also known as the murder capital of the United States. Both Mac and A.K. had always been inclined to music since their childhood and it was in East Palo Alto where they started their professional career in music.

It was Eric “Mac Pacino” who first took up music as a professional career. He started with a popular local group called Black Jack. Blessed with gifted talent, Mac soon became a sensation in the local music scene and shortly released his first acclaimed album, “Streets 2 Da Grave”, with Black Jack. The album was released on Ichiban Records.

Later on, Mac Pacino left Black Jack and formed Mac & A.K. with his brother, Keith “A.K.” Gordon. Together, the twin brothers went on to sign in the famous NY-based Tommy Boy Records. Soon after, Mac and A.K. released their first-ever EP, “Westbound: For Riders” on Streetlife Records. The 7-song EP became highly popular and was one of the major turning points in the career of Mac & A.K. The artists further received a gold plaque for their song “Way 2 Saucy” that features notable Bay Area artist Mac Mall.

After leaving Tommy Boy, the brothers collaborated to form E&K Music Group. The superhit single “Money Rhymes” was the debut release from E&K Music Group. The single features many hip hop stalwarts like -40, Mac Mall, Above The Law, as well as local stars such as Neva Legal and Chunk.

“Hustle Music” was the second release from the company and it too features many Bay Area stars like Sean T, Chunk, Young Noble, The Game, and so on. The last released album from E&K Music Group, “Legendary”, also earned kudos from hip hop lovers.

Unfortunately, Mac is no more today- but A.K. has taken up the baton to continue the legacy of his brother and transcend their musical journey to newer heights with each new release.

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