Louie Sace – Get It How You Want

Louie Sace is an artist hailing from Fort Worth, TX. His new single, “Get It How You Want It” has achieved a lot of appreciation for its exclusive music and well-versed lyrics. Other than that, the song is made with such a piece of intriguing music that no one can resist themselves from hitting the dance floor. The hook of the song is very instant and keeps growing as the song progresses. Louie Sace is an independent artist and likes to make all his songs alone. Along with being a singer, he is a producer too. He has recorded a lot of songs in the short span of his career and all of them have received a lot of praise from the audience. Some of them are “What We Like,” “Hurt Pride,” “I’m Extraordinary,” and “Whip No Mo.” All of his songs are available on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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