KingYama – Been Up

KingYama releases the official music video to “Been Up” paying homage to the video games that made us. These days with the advancement of technology, the music industry is beginning to adapt, and change and so are the artists. 16-year-old artist KingYama from Winston Salem, North Carolina has taken full advantage of the technology available to him. In 2021 he downloaded an app ‘BandLab’ to his iPhone that allowed him to network with other producers and artists he was even able to record the music directly to his phone. Mixing his own music and releasing songs with ‘UnitedMasters’ within the year he has accumulated close to 1 million streams. His single “4L” has become a sensation with 2000 TikToks and Reddit threads about the single multiple videos of the song being played on a loop some even totaling an hour. His first music video to his follow up single titled “YUH!” was filmed in his hometown of Winston Salem at a nearby skate park, and sticking to his roots he wanted it to be recorded on an iPhone. in 2022 he is now teamed up with independent record label “Carefree Trapboys” ran by hip hop artist ‘Cashmerely’ and has been in the studio working on releasing a new project scheduled for the fall. Accompanying the release of the project he will also release the first issue to his new comic book “KingYama and the school of the gifted”. In a year’s time KingYama has gone from recording his music on his phone in his closet to now having billboards scattered around his hometown and even performing at local nightclubs. With his whole future ahead of him, the momentum, and dedication KingYama has the potential to be in the music industry for a long time.

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