Kendy X feat. Dreamdoll & Kalan.FrFr – For Me (Remix)

Rising Westcoast R&B artist Kendy X sets her mark with today’s remix release of “For Me” with Bronx-born rapper Dreamdoll and Los Angeles’ own Kalan.FrFr. Available to stream and purchase now, the trifecta forces unleash an irresistible remix to Kendy X’s debut single, which was met with praise last year upon immediate release.

Kendy X shares “For Me is the most important song on the EP, because it shows the transformation into a bad bitch.” “The whole project is about finding yourself and becoming the woman you are meant to be and not changing for anybody. On For Me, I’m saying, this is for me. I can get shit on my own. I can do whatever I want to do. It’s meant to empower women. I’ve been listening to Kalan.FrFr since high school, so it was a dream to do a song with him. DreamDoll is such a powerful woman who demands respect. She embodies the spirit of the song.”

A soon-to-be expert with weaving elements of R&B, Hip Hop, and New-Age Pop with her forthcoming body of work, “For Me” Remix serves as a savory exemplification for the gleaming rising star as she prepares to keep the momentum at a staggering high this year.

Last year, in addition to setting the tone with her single “For Me,” Kendy X swiftly made a lasting mark with her strides as a co-founder of The Rose Fest Music Festival. Kendy X and a team of creatives, including her sister Ry Dope and creative director Phillip Riian created a platform for emerging musicians to showcase their bubbling stardom on a main platform stage with appeal compared to music festivals alike. The inaugural festival, which took place in Orange County, California, received national attention for the powerful initiative that also called on established artists such as Mozzy, Eric Bellinger, Rubi Rose, Day Sulan, Stunna Girl, and more to headline the joyous event. Kendy X made her eagerly awaited debut performance at The Rose Fest Music Festival, where she performed “For Me” along with an array of soon-to-be-released music that is set to make up her official debut project that is currently on the horizon.

About Kendy X:
Dedication and discipline drive success in any arena. Kendy X gained her grind mentality from a childhood dedicated to gymnastics and now she applies it to music with her own scorching and sizzling brand of R&B. The Chicago-born and Long Beach-raised singer, songwriter, and co-founder of The Rose Fest Music Festival hustles with the heart of an athlete as she simultaneously projects a fresh and fiery presence across the culture.

Kendy X’s vision begins to unfold on her 2022 independent debut project and much more to come.
“Even though gymnastics and music are completely different, gymnastics taught me work ethic and how to perform in front of people,” she affirms. “The dedication helped me in the long run. I learned how to put all of my effort into what I want to do—and just do it.”

She devoted the first eighteen years of life to gymnastics until torn ligaments in her knee derailed an ambition to compete in The Olympics. Along the way, she picked up cello and piano in middle school and always wrote songs of her own. Inspired by her older sister Ry Dope, she penned her first tune at just six-years-old. Meanwhile, dad played multiple instruments, specializing in guitar and songwriting and enjoying local success back in Chicago.
Despite its influence on the periphery of her life, she fully embraced music in 2019.

“After I stopped training, music came in,” she admits. “I found my new passion to focus on. It always got me through difficult times. This moment was no exception.”

From that point forward, she went full steam ahead throughout 2021. Alongside Ry Dope, she launched The Rose Music Festival as a state-of-the-art Southern California festival experience. Not only did the founders perform, but the stacked lineup boasted Mozzy, Rubi Rose, Eric Bellinger, Day Sulan, Stunna, Kalan.FrFr, 1TakeJay, and more. At the same time, Kendy X hit the studio and recorded what would become her soon to be released EP. Produced by Ayo & Keyz [Cardi B, Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller], the first single “For Me” served as a slick and sexy introduction to her signature style. As the original version generated over 1 million total streams, Kalan.FrFr and DreamDoll stunted on the Remix with surefire starpower.

In the end, Kendy X has become just what she was always meant to be—a force of nature.

“Music was always the thing that helped me feel like I’m okay,” she leaves off. “We’re all going through things, but we’ve got each other. I hope people relate to my songs, and they feel a sense of happiness, reliability, and love.”

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