Joell Ortiz feat. Sheek Louch – Love Is Love

Brooklyn Rap Royalty, ¼ of Slaughterhouse, Joell Ortiz, will return on 11-12-21 with his deepest and most personal solo-album to date with Autograph.

Autograph includes appearances and production from Sheek Louch, CyHi The Prynce, KXNG Crooked, Salaam Remi, Apollo Brown, The Heatmakerz and Namir Blade among others.

“My creative process is pretty simple. I write to the music that moves me and speak my truth. That’s never wavered. Once I feel like I got all of my thoughts out, I put the pen down and listen to everything in its entirety. That’s usually where I figure out things like title and artwork” Joell laments. “After listening to this body of work, I realized that I shared a lot of personal feelings, stories and ideas. Everything is authentic. This is signature me. Hence, the title. Autograph is an album from me to you. The old me, the current me, all of me. As usual, I hope you enjoy.”

After sharing “OG” and venting with “In My Feelings,” Joell returns with the last single, “Love Is Love” from his forthcoming Autograph album. “Love Is Love” features The Lox’s Sheek Louch.

“A Joell Ortiz Autograph would be incomplete without a stroke of street ink. I called my brother, the legendary Sheek Louch, and he answered the call just as he’s done for me every time I ever rang. “Love is Love.” – Joell Ortiz

You can now pre-order, add and favorite Autograph at your preferred DSP:


In My Feelings (prod Heatmakerz)
Uncle Chris Car (prod Heatmakerz)
Housing Authority Feat KXNG Crooked (prod Hesami)
One Day (prod Apollo Brown)
Masked Up (prod Heatmakerz)
Sincerely Yours (prod Salaam Remi)
OG (prod Hesami)
Lifeline Feat Juliet (prod Heatmakerz)
Goin’ Thru It Feat Marc Scibilia (prod Heatmakerz)
Holy Ghost Feat CyHi The Prynce (prod Namir Blade)
Therapeutic (prod Apollo Brown)
Love Is Love Feat Sheek Louch (prod Heatmakerz)
Doors Up Feat Pastor LBS (prod Heatmakerz)

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