Jim.E.Watts – ​L.I.E.

After nearly three years since his last album Musical Therapy which was released back in 2019, Jim.E.Watts is scheduled to release his new album “L.I.E.” (Life Is Easy) an 11-track album going live on all streaming platforms on October 14, 2022.

‘L.I.E.’ opens up with the lush intro with sparse ambient chords, deep bass and melodic guitar strumming. Jim.E.Watts weaves this seamlessly into the opening track that expands on the previous production. Trap drums accompany his flow, and a muted synth line follows the chorus. Augmented vocals detail of a revolution and artistic renaissance to come. Jim.E.Watts’ introspection continues on ‘Dreamland’. With a broad perspective he shares his insight in a manner that is both impactful and intoxicating. The entirety of ‘L.I.E.’ covers a vast array of topics from faith, purpose, drive and religion. With a unique flow, raw vocals and a knack for melody Jim.E.Watts covers much ground both sonically and spiritually. While ‘Hydroplaning’ focuses on staying on track, ‘Troubled Christian’ emphasizes the dilemma of doubt and the assurance of Heavenly guidance. The heartfelt ‘Lost Angel’ concludes ‘L.I.E.’ on a somber note, with a mix between Acoustic Rock and Trap, a soundscape that pulls on your emotional cords while maintaining a steady knock. The second leg of the track morphs showing Jim.E.Watts’ versatility and ear for production.

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