J Lyles – Here I Am

J Lyles makes his return to the world of HipHop, and in a big way, with his new single titled “Here I am”. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from the talented artist but we can officially say those days are over with this new single as Lyles continues to prep a new album that is slated to release this year. Being lyrically relatable has never been a problem for the New Jersey native, and that continues to be true with “Here I am”.

Life sometimes takes a toll on us as humans, we all go through ups and downs mentally and physically but those who stay true to themselves while staying afloat through the rough times are the ones that seem to come out the smoke when those bad days disappear. In his own words Lyles describes the song by saying “I discuss various points of my life and the effects of incarceration, family trauma and struggles to get through college and life after college. This song is a testament of wins and losses, pain, and perseverance that led to this version of myself. “Here I Am”.” J Lyles is that exact person that comes out of the smoke battle scarred and tired but wiser and battle tested. He’s always ready to give it his all when those tough times roll back around with rhymes like “Made it to 27 I must be here for a reason/applying pressure smothering all you turkeys that’s under seasoned/they telling me to keep going/my music the voice of reason.”

Staying ten toes down with the current version of himself is what the artist is striving for now a days, staying away from those who may not prove to be worthy of being within his circle. “I’m a legend to the game/but I never wanted fame/cause everybody knows your name and unfamiliar with your pain” spits Lyles at the beginning of the second verse, further cementing his true to self rhymes being provided by the man behind the mic. With his debut album titled The Execution still being perfected behind closed doors, J Lyles opens up one door to give new and older listeners a sample of what is to come until the timing is right for The Execution.

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