Heir Jordan feat. H2-O – Not Me

Hailing from Paterson, NJ, Heir Jordan releases his latest single “Not Me” featuring H2-0.

“Not me” is the culmination of the internet rapper era peaking and authentic Hip-Hop being something fans crave again. And Heir Jordan answers with a resounding anthem allowing listeners to proclaim along with him: “you a lotta things, but you Not Me”.

Check out the song above.

About Heir Jordan:
From the Silk City aka Paterson, NJ, Heir Jordan is a Thirty-year-old Hip-Hop phenom. The rapper elicits a depth of skill well beyond what is expected of any age. After years of crafting his skill with Open Mics, Mixtape features “Heir Jordan” released his first album called Makeup>Sex released under Bleuprint. The album was a success for the unknown rapper because he fused great audio with stunning visuals in the film adaptation of the album. Initially, the film was his way of breaking through the noise of the 60K songs released per day, But it has since become his calling card. Both received great praise and attention from his hometown and the surrounding cities. This project only builds excitement for his soon-to-come debut album.

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