Fifty Shotz – Still Ah Menace

Fifty Shotz’s debut mixtape Still Ah Menace is highly anticipated and predicted by music sources to be the hottest mixtape of 2022.

Rapping about the struggles of growing up in Memphis, TN, Still Ah Menace is the hot debut mixtape from Fifty Shotz. Repping his hometown, which will always have a special place in his heart, Fifty Shotz was inspired to rap by his cousin Pooh Shiesty and the surroundings around him that inspired his very first 5-track EP. The official video for “Cop A Bow” dropped in July and highlights his home neighborhood which is where the young artist’s journey began. His new project Still Ah Menace has been predicted by Billboard to be the best mixtape of 2022.

Fifty Shotz is the musical moniker for Spring Valley rapper Christian McBee. Inspired to do something with his raw street popping lingo by his cousin Pooh Shiesty, Fifty Shotz has been in the streets since he was 12, which is reflected in his music. Since a meeting with Troy Patterson (Out Cold Ent.), Fifty Shotz’s career was put on track, and as witnessed is definitely heading in the right direction.

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