D’Shaun – CRWN [Album]

Backed by only one single, “S’mores & Rumchata”, D’Shaun comes crash landing at #4 onto the iTunes top 40 HipHop album chart and right back into your music libraries with CRWN. The highly anticipated project lived up to expectations on the first day of its release as it also entered yet another chart on iTunes. CRWN peaked at #88 on the top 100 albums in all genres chart, sitting comfortably and confidently above Elton John’s Diamonds. This incredible accomplishment doesn’t happen without D’Shaun and the RYLTY crew’s hard work and dedication to creating an album packed with 12 playable and enjoyable records that each bring a different sound and vibe when stimulating your brain.

D’Shaun continues to put Converse, Texas, on the map as he showcases not only his talent but the talents found within his circle. From Austria to Detroit to Houston, he credits the artists around him for helping provide the “spacey yet quintessential HipHop but with a new school sort of feel” sound that he believes his latest body of work entails. This album not only incorporates HipHop but it also throws some dashes of rap, pop and R&B, adding some more seasoning to the recipe we already knew D’Shaun brought to the table. He’s dabbled in those genres before but with CRWN he brings them altogether in a cohesive manner, letting each live and grow with one another as they flow beautifully the more and more you run the project back. For him, CRWN is set to “change the whole landscape, the city and the state, the lives of each of these young men in RYLTY”. Those changes begin with track number one titled “Nonstop” which is fitting for the vibes that you continuously find yourself emerged in. Between track one and twelve you’ll find up tempo hits meant for the radio in “Chalice”, “Notice”, “S’mores & Rumchata” and “Alright”. You’ll also hear the artist slowing things down a bit with “4U”, “LoveSICK”, “Virgo Season Interlude” and “My Way”. Pure raps are expressed within the previously mentioned “Nonstop” along with “Gentlemen’s Club”, “Sprite Zero” and “Waver”. If there was a sound that D’Shaun didn’t think was fun or didn’t fit the wave he was gearing towards then it simply didn’t make the cut, the artist says that CRWN “is more fun and shows what wearing the crown is like” when comparing the project to its predecessor KNG.

Four years separate both albums and in between those four years we’ve heard how highly D’Shaun has spoken about the trio of albums he had been planning on releasing with all being companions to one another. With two down and one to go the one man band artist has been growing and maturing within his sound and will only continue to do so. He showcases that behind each verse, chorus, ad-lib, snare, kick or high hat he decides to incorporate into this world where creativity never ends. We can call this world “RYL” and here we’ll find the king at his throne wearing a crown meant for only him, exuding royalty the only way he knows how.

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