DOLORES feat. Ariano – Don’t Fade Away

“Call me DOLORES, aches and pains” These words echo with the sheer force of determination that fuels DOLORES, a rising talent in the vibrant New Mexico music scene and beyond.

Born Tyler MacHardy, he was inspired to use his artist name DOLORES. The same name as his Grandmother , the most impactful and spiritual mentor in his life. Helping guide him along the way while he started rapping at 9.

DOLORES is unwavering in his commitment to pursuing a career in music, propelled by an intense passion and dedication stemming from overcoming personal obstacles resulting from OCD, anxiety and depression. During this transformative phase in his life, music emerged as a cathartic outlet for DOLORES to express the deepest corners of his heart and soul.

DOLORES’ new upcoming single, “Don’t Fade Away,” featuring LA icon Ariano, is a testament to his resilience and journey towards self-discovery. This profoundly personal song is a heartfelt tribute to a close friend who took his own life at the Gorge Bridge, a site marked by tragedy. Ariano’s rock-inspired production sets the stage for DOLORES’ to deliver his message with a smoothness and honesty to his flow. The video for “Don’t Fade Away,” directed by IllAlien, shot at the same Gorge Bridge, has a gritty aesthetic that matches the vibe. “Don’t Fade Away” serves as a powerful reminder to persevere in the face of adversity, that life is precious.

With an insatiable desire to create beauty and inspire, DOLORES truly has music at his core. He is not merely an artist; he embodies resilience, creativity, and the healing power of music.

Stay tuned for DOLORES’ journey as “Don’t Fade Away” is officially out now.

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