DeShaunJay – Pinky’s Boy

After having complications with his distribution company causing a delay of the release, DeShaunJay at last delivers his highly anticipated album Pinky’s Boy. Weighing in at a solid 16 tracks, the project saw no previous single releases as DeShaunJay gives fans the entire album in one drop.
Jay delivers solid rhymes throughout the entire album like “had nights straight shots off the crown/till I’m seeing double/trying to put up numbers like I’m Jimmy Buckets in the bubble” to raps like “on a cloud b*tch I’m levitated/translation the mind frame elevated/run a team like Steph or Brady/hit the beat like Canelo baby”. The clever lyricism is brought to listeners over production from Trevv, Leek OAM, D’Shaun, Epik The Dawn, Caleb Bryant, Falak, Nosalez, Donnie Katana, Damarcus VanBuren and Benji on the Boards.
One goal the 29 year old artist had was to show he could hold his own throughout an entire album. Pinky’s Boy definitely solidifies that goal as Jay takes on each beat with confidence and ease, flourishing from the first track to the last one with different flows and topics, thus keeping the listener engaged at all times. Now a days one may think that 16 songs is to long for an album, but you don’t realize how fast of a listen it really is when the album flows like water in a stream. All in all that is what DeShaunJay brings to the table with his latest release, dope rhymes mixed with dope beats creating the perfect feast for your ears to receive. Stream the magnificent Pinky’s Boy out now on all platforms.

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