Daniel Oshima – Faces Of The Infinite

“Faces Of The Infinite” is Daniel Oshima’s first officially released project.

The EP is self produced and marks a shift from his focus on the instrumental side of things towards putting his own words at the forefront as well.
The music draws from his lifelong background and immersion in Hip-Hop and beats, as well as his appreciation and love for music of all styles.
The lyrics touch on life’s mysteries and struggles, the Divine, and the relationships between these.

Stream the EP on all platforms: https://soulspazm.ffm.to/facesoftheinfinite

About Daniel Oshima:
Daniel Oshima was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. A lifelong lover of music, he has been listening and creating beats since he was in middle school, sampling from his parents record collection among other sources.

He studied at Oberlin College, where he spent time as the Hip Hop Director at Oberlin’s WOBC radio station, was tutored in electronic music production and opened for various Hip-Hop acts, including Blu and Kendrick Lamar during the former’s Section 80 tour.

He has interned at Cornerstone Productions and Decon Records with DJ and producer OP! of the NYC based collective I Love Vinyl. He has also interned at the legendary Hip Hop store and hub Fatbeats where he met another mentor, the artist and producer J57.

A collector of records and avid explorer of sounds from all genres of music, Daniel continues his first love of creating sample based hip-hop beats, and also explores and experiments with electronic sounds and other styles of music in his work.

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