CabraKhan22 – HaramKhiri Chapter I // Seppuku // RM

Hamburg, Germany artist CabraKhan22 releases a re-mastered/mixed remake of his 2018 project with new beats. HaramKhiri Is a mix between the words Haram (Turkish for sin) and Harakiri (suicide in honor). This is a multi-genre project with influences from trap, trapmetal, horrorcore, phonk, dirty south, and Memphis tapes and includes features from Stevie Stone, Wyshmaster Beats, SIKSYDE, Magadino The Chemist, Deadhed Da Zombie, Damo D, Swahili Rapboi, and Tobijah Monir. Physical copies as well as┬áthe music video for “$inkende$ $chiff” will be available on October 1st. Check out the album on your favorite platform and let us know what you think.

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