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Alce F is a music artist, entrepreneur and business owner. “I been in love with music my entire life,” he explains. “It went to another level when I started writing and creating music at the age of 14. When I got my first taste of performing on stage in front of an audience, I said to myself ‘I want to do this for the rest of my life.'”

However, the path to making it a reality has been nothing short of challenging. So many ups and downs, u-turns and road blocks, yes and noes. But that is what makes the journey so exciting. There isn’t a manual on how to become a successful music artist, there’s no class or course to take. You have to create your own course and trust in the process.

Alce has been knocked off his course plenty of times and wanted to quit. It’s about getting back on course and making adjustments. “At the end of the day, I want my story to influence others to build and complete there course. I created my brand for the hopeless dreamer, everything is obtainable but first you have to ‘Go To Work.'”

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