1300 – Oldboy

Korean-Australian rap supergroup, 1300 (pron. one-three-hundred), don’t want you to get bored. Their rapid-fire, bilingual bars combined with elements of K-hip-hop, hyperpop, and more, are bursting with raw energy, emotion, and creativity. Inspired by the classic 2003 Korean film, Old Boy,, listen/watch their new single “Oldboy” above.

While ‘Oldboy’ is an infectious dose of high-energy rap, it remains slick. Of the influence behind the track, 1300 explain, “When we started working on the beat we were thinking of the track ‘Go Crazy’ and the reference to ‘Black and Yellow’. Then we added the theme to one of our favourite Korean films Old Boy (2003) and the rest is history.”

1300 are quickly rising in Sydney, where they are based, already claiming notable support slots alongside Genesis Owusu, Shady Nasty, and more, as well as +500,000 Spotify streams off the back of only a handful of debut singles. Tastemaker Aussie radio station, triple j, back them, as well as Rolling Stone (Australia), NME (Australia), Acclaim, and more.

Comprised of rappers rako, goyo, DALI HART, producer-singer Nerdie, and producer pokari.sweat, 1300 merge the raw volatility of Soundcloud rap with the high-budget sheen of K-hip hop, creating a singular sound. Built from ‘everything goes’ studio sessions, their music bottles the potential of a group animated by their boundless creativity & raucous energy. Stay tuned…

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